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XML Manager doesn't show directory contents

  • Jeffrey Clewley

    Jeffrey Clewley - 2002-04-05


        First, thank you for this product.  I'm just getting started with it but it appears to be heading in exactly the direction I need for creating PDFs from XML content.

        The problem I'm encountering is with opening XML files with the XML Content Manager.  The "Open" Dialog box allows me to select a few different directories via the "Look In" drop-down, but the directory contents aren't displayed anywhere.  So, it's impossible to select the XML file.

        Any help much appreciated.  BTW, I get the same problem with both 0.2.0 and 0.2.2.  My operating system is Win 2k.

    • Fabio Giannetti

      Fabio Giannetti - 2002-06-02

      Hi Jeffrey,
      which JDK are you using ?
      I suggest you to use the 1.3.1_02, I know that there are some "issues" with the 1.4.0.

      PS: sorry for the delay ...

    • Roger Sperberg

      Roger Sperberg - 2002-09-22

      I'm having the same problem. Unfortunately I can't switch to 1.3.1 because one of my required apps at work requires 1.4.

      If there's some way to run both and you can assist me in making sure the right one is running for FOA and for my required app, I'd appreciate it.


      Roger Sperberg


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