• Johanna Macke

    Johanna Macke - 2002-03-05

    I have yet to be able to set up a header or footer that actually appears in the rendered pdf. Here is exactly what I need-the same Centered text on the top and bottom of each page of my pdf document. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Also, I have a graphic logo I wanted to put on either side of a Title for my pdf Report I am creating. I wanted the text to be in a blue box with a black border. I have a block that encapsulates three elements, two elements (the graphic) are the same and use the same image attribute. The third is inline text for my Title that goes between the graphics. I have two problems with this. Number one-no attribute I set for inline text seems to work(therefore no borders or background colors). Number two-the text seems to float halfway above the graphics instead of in the same line. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

    • Fabio Giannetti

      Fabio Giannetti - 2002-03-07

      Hi Johanna,
      sorry for the delay, but I was a little bit busy ....
      If you want to generate an header and a footer you can select the piece of XML to put inside the header and the piece to put inside the footer from the XML content reference manager. So if e.g. you have an XML like this:
        <content>header text</content>
         <content>footer text</content>
      Now, from the XML content reference manager, select the header element for the header and the footer element for the footer. Then build a new paragraph brick that match the content element and apply the attribute set style with the centering property (text-align="center").

      For the second question, using FOP 0.20.1 you must create a table with 3 cells and a single row and put inside the two external cells the logos and in the internal one the text, specifying for the block all the properties that you like.
      You can achieve the same with the <fo:inline> element, but FOP doesn't implement correctly the background, border and baseline alignment properties.

      Hope this helps, Fabio


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