FOA - Handling large volume of data

  • vaidyanathan

    vaidyanathan - 2003-12-30

    we are currently using crystal reports for our web based ERP application. we want to move to using pdf for our reporting. However we have some queries /concerns
    1. can FOA be able to handle huge data volumes. Our data source is a database (some txn tables have over few million records) where there are large # of records. Concern is since xml is the base for the FOA, can we use the foa for these find of reporting in business situations.

    • Fabio Giannetti

      Fabio Giannetti - 2004-01-07

        FOA works with XML structures that can be repeated or not. If I want to style an XML containing Person,FName,LName I can do this just matching those three tags no matter how many are then present on the XML file. If you create with FOA an XSL-T that deal with 1 single instance of your repeated structure than you can easily extend it applying a for-each construct. Since FOA is just styling your content it doesn't have limitations on the content side. You may have problems with rendering-engines if your FO file is huge, but if is composed into different page-sequences you can always break it-up into smaller files.
      Hope this helps,


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