inflated table bricks

  • Michael

    Michael - 2003-02-03


    when I am using the simple table brick and render the document several times the elements of the table brick (row, cell) grow almost exponential (o; ...the according xsl file gets huge because of the <xsl:strip-space> this a bug of foa ?


    • Fabio Giannetti

      Fabio Giannetti - 2003-02-03

      Hi Michael,
      I'd like to see your example because I think there is something wrong with it that could be related to a FOA bug. The strip-space is added by FOA to correctly execute the positioning for the cells inside the rows and I don't think could be responsible for the document grows, actually it should throw away space that is between the tags.
      Please feel free to send an e-mail with the full example (xml+xsl+atts) to the users mailing list or personally to me.


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