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  • loopy

    loopy - 2002-02-21

    Just downloaded project, having trouble getting it to parse an existing xml file.
    setting are as:
    XSL_T Processor = XLAN.jar
    render engine = fop.jar
    xsl_FO_Viewr = ?
    PDF_Viewer = AcroRd32.exe
    Preview Generator = ?

    Could you please advise. 
    Thanks in advance

    • Johanna Macke

      Johanna Macke - 2002-03-05

      Are you having this problem when trying to open up a project or when you are trying to create your FO?

      Here's a couple things to check:
      -make sure all your paths and filenames are correct for you xml/xsl/and attribute files created
      - make sure your xml file is it up in internet explorer (search through the documents for errors). That was a problem I had, but I have been editing my xml files quite a bit and that may not be an issue for you.


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