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fntsample 3.2 released

This version adds support for SVG output (works correctly only for single page output).

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2010-08-05

fntsample 3.1 released

This version adds support for files that contain multiple fonts, like TrueType Collections.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2009-11-05

fntsample migrated to git

Git repository is now used for fntsample development. The old subversion repository will not be updated anymore.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2009-03-21

fntsample 3.0 released

In this version scaling for fonts with large vertical metrics was added.
This version supports localization using gettext and includes Ukrainian translation (others are welcome).

The license was changed to GPLv3 or later.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2008-10-22

fntsample 2.8 released

With this version it is possible to use Unicode blocks file in DOS format, like one from zipped version of Unicode 5.1 UCD.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2008-04-23

fntsample 2.7 released

This version fixes crash (segmentation fault) with some values for -i and -x options.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2007-08-28

fntsample 2.6 released

With this version it is possible to change default font styles and sizes for headers and numbers displayed on font samples.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2007-06-28

fntsample 2.5 released

In this version new options for selecting Unicode ranges for samples and support for long options were added. Some bugfixes and optimizations were also made.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2007-04-14

fntsample 2.4 released

In this version support for creating fonts samples in pdf format with bookmarks (aka outlines, aka index) was added. Bookmarks allow to easily jump to needed Unicode blocks.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2007-03-14

fntsample 2.2 released

With this version it is possible to make samples of fonts in formats other than TrueType/OpenType, like Type1 and BDF. Error handling and reporting were also improved in this release.

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2007-02-08

fntsample 2.1 released

This version fixes build error with non-default location of Unicode blocks file (Blocks.txt).

Posted by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov 2007-01-21

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