threading and server to client interface

  • ben

    ben - 2005-10-12

    I am trying to create a "monitor" interface that the server calls to alert the client that a command has been completed. 

    I am having a problem when the server calls the monitor from within a thead-- the monitor interface hangs and the thread never finishes.  If another command is issued (with a new monitor object), the original monitor interface may be jumpstarted, but its thread still never finishes.

    This only seems to happen when the server goes back to its orb event loop while the thread is working.  If the server waits for the thread to complete before returning to the main loop it seems to work properly.

    Thoughts?  Are there any bad bugs with threading?  If this doesn't make sense, I can try to post some code to show what I am doing.

    Thanks, Ben

    • ben

      ben - 2005-10-13

      I am trying with omniorb, and it works correctly. 



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