Derek Thomson - 2005-02-27

Hi all,

It looks like the hard drive on my dev. box has died. Luckily, the relevant partition was still mountable so I could get everything I needed off there (it's surprising how little that was, given I suppose the existence of so many things that keep state on the server - Sourceforge, GMail, World of Warcraft, and so on. So even if the hard drive turned out to be totally unrecoverable it wouldn't be the tragedy it would have been once upon a time).

So I've checked in any outstanding Fnorb alterations to ward off future disaster. Things seem to run okay, but anyone who's keeping up with the CVS head might want to do an update to check that everything's sane.

So I've STILL got to do those last three POA tests! I'll try to get them done tonight - but I think I'm getting backache from hunching over my firewall machine here with the keyboard on this low bench all afternoon so I'm going for a walk first I think :)

I *think* all the bugs/questions I'm dealing with are up-to-date - or at least the ball's in someone else's court because I want more info or whatever. If you think that's not true, and there's something I should be doing to help you, just hassle me/us.