FNET TCP/IP stack: Version 0.9.3 released.

Version 0.9.3 change log:
- Fixed stuck issue that may occur during receiving of broadcast UDP datagrams.
- Fixed buffer corruption issue that may occur when the internal static heap buffer has relatively small size.
- Improved stability of nebuf. management.
- FEC Frame buffers and descriptors are allocated statically (before in internal heap). Existing applications should reduce value of the FNET_CFG_HEAP_SIZE in user-configuration file by the value that equals summary size of buffers statically allocated in Ethernet driver. Roughly [NEW_VALUE]=[OLD_VALUE]-(FNET_CFG_MCF_ETH_TX_BUFS_MAX+FNET_CFG_MCF_ETH_RX_BUFS_MAX)* FNET_CFG_ETH_MTU.
- Added the FNET_CFG_TELNET_SOCKET_BUF_SIZE user-configuration option that defines size of the socket RX & TX buffer used by the Telnet server.
- Added OS folder where it will be placed all OS-specific code.
- Added uCOS-II specific ISR handler.
- Added FNET_CFG_OS and FNET_CFG_OS_operation_system_type set of user-configuration options that define a currently used OS. For this moment there is FNET_CFG_OS_UCOSII only.
- Added "Free heap" information to the Shell-example "info" command.
- Other minor changes/fixes.

Special thanks to Steve Quinlan, Jon Elliot and Paul Arnold for contribution.

Any information about project(s) where the FNET is used is appreciated.
Please send the information directly to me. This information is for internal use only and can help the FNET project to get more resources from Freescale.

Posted by Andrey Butok 2011-03-08

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