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Devel. stopped for a moment


due to the amount of work I have to do, I stop the FunctionCheck devel. for the moment. I will start it again around October.


Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-07-08


Ok. This new release corrects a bug in the call-arcs system which fail when using c++ constructors and templates. The new shared buffer FIFO system seams to be fine. Some more intensive tests in multi-threads may be performed to be sure that my experimental mutex system is fine...

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-05-07

About FunctionCheck 3.0.10

The 3.0.10 is a TEST version for my new shared-memory FIFO system, and for some corrections in call-arcs managment (due to C++ templates behavior...).

In addition, I found a problem with the configure stuff, due to a change in libtool, which generates a bad link stage for

I'm working on it...

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-04-26

FunctionCheck 3.0.10

This is a beta version.
I corrected a C++ bug while referencing call-arcs due to template management.
I changed the 'pipe' system for a shared memory FIFO system. Still being tested for multi-thread programs.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-04-16

Current developpment

Hi. As current FunctionCheck and FunctionDump seems to be right, I will not perform new modifications in the near future (but you can still send bugs, I will try to correct them and release a new version).
I'm now working on an improved FIFO system (with shared memory) to improve coms speedup. When it will be ready, I will import it in FunctionCheck to reduce profiling overhead.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-21

FCheck-3.0.9 & FDump-3.0.5

The new FunctionCheck version corrects an important bug that make fork and thread modes to generate erroneous profile data files.
In addition, the docs have been updated and some small bugs or features have been corrected.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-15

Bugs: 3.0.3 -> 3.0.4

Due to new bugs in FunctionDump, I released the 3.0.4 which correct these problems and add the -debug option.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-13

Bugs: 3.0.7 -> 3.0.8

Due to new bugs introduced in release 3.0.7, I released the 3.0.8 in witch these bugs are removed.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-13

3.0.6 buggy -> 3.0.7

I indroduced a stupid bug in libfc 3.0.6 that generates erroneous call-arcs, and many error messages.
The V3.0.7 is just a bug correction, with some minor other changes such as the documentation.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-13

FunctionDump V3.0.3

This release allows to read the new FunctionCheck-3.0.6 profile data file format. Additions are memory profiling info (but without name management for the moment), call-arcs count in call-graph, and several bugs or untested cases removed.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-13

FunctionCheck V3.0.6

This new release improves the messages system, add call-arcs occurences count, and correct many bugs in memory profiling.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-13

FunctionDump-3.0.2 released

This new version allow to read new profile data file format, as it changes with the 3.0.5 version of FunctionCheck.

New features are:
* corrected some bugs that make fcdump to crash in some (particular) situations
* ability to read and print arcs-count information
* ability to print detected memory leaks, invalid free and realloc (if activated during profile and if any)

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-07

FunctionCheck-3.0.5 released

Two major changes:
* memory profiling ability. List of memory leaks is generated in the profile data file, with invalid calls to free and realloc
* call arcs count. The number of occurence of arcs (a jump from a function to an other one) is stored in the profile data file, with arcs info.

Other modifications are:
* removed 'glib' stuff as it create problems for cross-compilation
* improved configure, for test/
* fc-config is now generated to reflect the install configuration

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-07


The main change is the re-introduction of memory profiling into functioncheck. libfc now dumps memory leaks and invalid pointers given to free and realloc into the profile data file(s).
Other changes: some code improvment in the fc_manager, some additions in the configure to better handle solaris architecture.

The FunctionDump-3.0.2 whitch allows to read memory data is coming this week.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-03-05


New update of FunctionCheck.
I'm now using version number for names.
Main changes are:
* a for test/ dir
* using glib to improve some treatments in fc_manager
* a more robust configure, in particular for solaris users

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-02-28

FunctionCheck &FunctionDump update

FCheck V3.0.2 and FDump V3.0.1. Many changes for FunctionDump: full call-graph, cycle detection, not/only option, details for functions (file:line), more on/off flags, updated documentation, updated WEB pages.

FunctionCheck: some static limits removed, code cleanup...

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-02-25

FunctionCheck update

New release of FunctionCheck.
Some features added, many bugs/misfeatures corrected, correct documentation and more reliable configure stuff (I hope).

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-02-21

FunctionDump-3.0 available

First release of the profile dumper.
Basic features are present, but still in devel.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-02-21

FunctionCheck V3.0

The profiler part V3.0 have been released.
The Dump program will come later.

If you are interested in this project, please download the profiler in order to test the 'configure' script.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-02-08

Split of FunctionCheck

For automake/autoconf convenience, FUnctionCheck
is now splitted into two parts: FunctionCheck is the profiler itself, FunctionDump is the program which reads profile data files and convert them into human readable data.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-02-08

restarting devel.

I have now available time to work on functioncheck. As many changes occur (at least in my head), the coming release will be the V3.0.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2002-02-08

Pause in devel.

FunctionCheck developpement is stoped
until the begin of 2002. I currently
have too many things to do (my PhD thesis).
You can try the V2.0 devel-version
available (no configure) at the project

Posted by Yannick Perret 2001-06-18

FunctionCheck 1.2 released

FunctionCheck V1.2 is a new profiler for C/C++ programs, based on gcc 2.95.2+. It is 'gprof-like', with (many) additionnal features (i.e. memory tracking) and without some of its limitations.

Posted by Yannick Perret 2001-02-07

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