#4 add source-file to .cfg and command-line


e.g. in http://fmpp.sourceforge.net/commandline.html

otherwise, I don't know how to run fmpp in single-file
mode via the fmpp.cfg file?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I tried to circumvent the above by using the following
    fmpp.cfg file:
    << modes="execute(installing.en.ftl)"
    But even now, I am getting:
    <<Note: Using the fmpp.cfg in the working directory.
    Since you use output file option, you must give exactly 1
    source file.

    Signal 127>>

    P.S.: Somehow sf.net is having problems with keeping my
    session when using Mozilla. Can you put me back in as
    submitter? Thx r.

  • Dániel Dékány

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  • Dániel Dékány

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    You pass the source file as argument. Also, there is a "sources" cfg
    setting (not "source-file") that does what you need. Well, yes, I should
    write the docs of the command-line tool quickly...

  • Dániel Dékány

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    As of the second message:

    - You get the error as you didn't given
    source file.

    - I can't set you as submitter.

  • Dániel Dékány

    • status: open --> closed
  • Ralf Hauser

    Ralf Hauser - 2003-03-19

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    Daniel, I just went to
    http://fmpp.sourceforge.net/commandline.html and don't see
    that "sources" option mentioned.
    Why don't you only close once the updated documentation is
    (that's what I like with BugZilla {not a criticism of
    Daniel, you are outstanding!}- the extra process steps that
    the developer resolves, the submitter verifies, and project
    leader/development group leader closes an issue only after
    it is fully understood by everybody)

  • Dániel Dékány

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    I'm aware of that. Note the glaring "The documentation is under
    construction..."+animated-icon at the bottom of the page :)...

    of why did I release the stuff... well, this is an early release. The version
    number is less than 1, and it is marked as beta. This means that is is not a
    production quality software. It is under development.

    since then "sources" is documented in the CVS head.


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