You can have a look to and They list nearly all the projects out there...

At the moment I'm working on getting a CORBA server working which will be the broker between the GUI and the database. I have a small corba server running independently. No that I know how it works, I would like to reorganise the cvs to merge it...

Basically the cvs src directory should contain the following directories:
geoobj (The extension to Postgresql)
gtkfmaps (the 3D map display widget)
fmaps (the gui)
fmaps-server (the CORBA orbit broker)

When it is done, then we can try to make all these pieces work together...


Neil Mock wrote:


I am currently working for an agency that deals with
GIS and I will also be working with GIS with the
University I am attending.  I am mostly a computer
science guy, but I am trying to learn about GIS and I
am particularly interested in the FMaps package.  I
was just wondering if anyone on this list could point
me in the direction of some good GIS resources so I
can get acquainted with the system and perhaps begin
hacking on FMaps a bit.