#54 P800 with XP2 Bluetooth Connected!! but thats about it...


With XP2's built in Bluetooth, configure FMA to use the
COM port for "Standard Modem over Bluetooth link #X"
which can be found in the device manager right at the
top of the Modem tab for that device.

Using that Com port, FMA will be able to connect,
identify the phone and be able to read and monitor
Battery level, Signal strength

Phone Memory doesn't work, but SIM Memory is

Text Messages and Calls don't work. Trying to refresh
Calls produces an Application Error dialog box
with 'Command returned error or not understood
(AT+CPBS="RC")' along with full details.

Basically not much works, just basic information as
mentioned and SIM Memory. No Text, Calls, Organizer or

I'll attach the initial connection log along with some
other snippets.


  • Tony Marques

    Tony Marques - 2004-08-29
    • milestone: --> Limited
    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • fr0id

    fr0id - 2004-10-02

    Logged In: YES

    It's quite simple. SE P800 is UIQ Symbian OS. Meaning what?
    Well, it mean's its not your average T610.. it's extremely
    different in OS.

    I have a T610 and a P800 (great combo).
    T610 works like a dream with FMA, P800 does as stated,
    simply connects and lets you do the things which are not
    affected by OS. Symbian and standard SE firmware access
    the sim in the same way, it has to, sim's are universal. The
    call lists are completely different, because of the Software,
    and just looking at the phone menu's, you can tell it's done
    extremely differently...

    Using Sman, you can have a look at all the files/directories on
    the P800, including the ROMs. And it's much different to the

    In short,
    if we wanted to use FMA for the UIQ SmartPhones (P800,
    P802, P900, P910 etc) we'd have to make it so the FMA can
    tell the difference, and use different interface commands to
    interact. I'd like to see it done, I was sooooooooo
    disappointed when my P800 wouldnt use FMA, I wanted to
    cry. Now I just use .sis files I get off the net to manage my
    P800 and backup to a .dat on my PC via Bluetooth. The USB
    cradle for the P800 sucks. SE screwed up on the interfacing,
    it could be 80% faster, but it's not.

    They have a patch, or are going to release one.
    Anyone got it? Buzz me.



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