#45 P800 Not Working/Cable Results


Connecting to the P800 doesn't work. Eventually trying
to update the Phone Clock from the Tools Menu did get
FMA to connect where it identified the Phone as a P800
and asked if I wished to do some sort of archiving for
this new phone. It failed again after that -- FMA did
connect and at least did recognize the phone model if
nothing else.

Afterwards I used HyperTerminal to connect to the
phone directly.

A few comments about setup....
+ on the phone I went to the Control Panel,
Connections, Cable, and set the Connection to Modem
(not PC Connect).
+ there, I also set the Connection to 2400-8N1+hwflow
to match the default settings for the USB DSS-20 COM3
connection and in FMA and in HyperTerminal
* I had tried to adjust all 3 to 115k, without success so
I reverted to the working defaults for the USB DSS-20
SyncStation just to keep things working, I had some
trouble with 9600 so I even went as low as 2400.
- At one point I also used the command AT*ESYN=2 and
that seemed to clear up some connection issues (other
programs on the phone might have been trying to use
the connection and that may have stopped them)

I've included a list of all the AT commands and some of
their results... AT* gave a list of all commands. I
appended =? to all the * and + commands to see what
they were capable of. That's what's in the attached
text document. It's pretty comprehensive for someone
who didn't know what was what.

I hope this can speed along development for the
P800/P900 and offer some basic support.


  • Tony Marques

    Tony Marques - 2004-06-01

    P800 AT Commands and Results

  • Tony Marques

    Tony Marques - 2004-06-01
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  • Tony Marques

    Tony Marques - 2004-08-29

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    New XP2 Results, Limited successes

  • Tony Marques

    Tony Marques - 2004-08-29
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    • status: open --> closed
  • Tony Marques

    Tony Marques - 2004-08-29
    • priority: 3 --> 8
    • status: closed --> open
  • fr0id

    fr0id - 2004-10-02

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    The docking station bites money crap. SE really let us down
    there.. Hope the P900 or the P910 one is better, I have a
    friend with the P900, he hasn't used the USB docking station
    yet. He doesn't have a PC or a Mac, so he uses his P900 as
    his email-source...

    Thanks for the AT commands and results, was going to try it
    myself, nice to see someone beat me too it and did all the
    work ;)

    I'm in the process of buying the terminator dongle for the
    P800, a) to unlock my P800 (locked to Orange UK... you gotta
    love Orange *shakes fist*) and b) to see if I can do anything

    Dongle costs about 20 with unlocking/firmware software
    and .sis files on eBay.co.uk. Don't try ebay.com.au, the
    exchange rate tends to fool people, Australia costs more for
    phones, unless it's batteries etc, incase which they are closer
    to HK etc, so they have more cheap dealers.

    Thanks for the command dump.
    I'll try it out. If only FMA would connect, stay connected and
    have full functionality with the P800 :'(


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