#222 SE P990 - Outlook sync is NOT working :(


Unfortunately the Outlook sync does not work at all for P990 (neither is any message given). This is extremely sad since the SE app PC Suite is totally worthless as it does not even detect the phone at all. At least FMA detects the phone and can sync SMS and call list only. If it would fully work it certainly would beat the crappy PC Suite on all points! I thus certainly hope that the next version of FMA will support Outlook sync for the P990 (and all the other Symbian 9 models).

Regards / Vassago


  • Vassago

    Vassago - 2007-05-22

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    Still no update on a new version on FMA with support for P990 and other Symbian 9 based devices? It would be very appreciated since the Sony Ericsson PC Suite application still does not work at all with some Dell Dimension computers (apperently the bluetooth chip clashes with the PC Suite driver, without any alert from either the operating system or the application).

    Best Regards / V.

  • Vassago

    Vassago - 2007-05-22
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  • Vassago

    Vassago - 2007-05-22
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  • Anonymous - 2008-04-22

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    i use R243 and i have the device P990i too... it work very good, only the calender func. its not working... and by shut down the prog. it coms en error and it will make en error report for sendind to micros.

  • ExpertOne

    ExpertOne - 2008-04-22
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