#220 Sony Ercisson z500a -Seems to work mostly ok (see details)


Note: I didn't try the scripting yet, so I don't know whether that part functions properly on this model, but the file management and transfer stuff, contact synching etc. seems to work fine.

For some reason "Export All (Backup Phone)" doesn't seem to work. I wonder if that is because like other file managers I've looked at(Sony Ericsson PC Suite, and F.J. Wechselberger's MyPhoneExplorer) it can't see the programs installed on a Z500a; you can transfer programs TO a z500a, but NO file manager I've tried seems to be able to backup the program directories.

As for the other guy who had a problem with it, if he's using a cable like I am, he should make sure the Sony Ericsson cable dirvers are installed, and he should make sure FMA is set to the right COM port.

When it comes to the Z500a, the main advantage for me of using FMA or MyPhoneExplorer over the regular SE PC Suite is that SE PC Suite apparently can export only to Windows Address Book, which loses any phone number categorized as "Other" in the phone memory.
On the other hand, FloAt's Mobile Agent exports contacts to VCF, XML, CSV, and HTML, and MyPhoneExplorer exports to VCF, XML, CSV, and LDIF.


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