TrinitronX - 2007-09-01

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Just found some more helpful resources:
Sample scripts:
Good forum post about MM scripting:
General good stuff on wiki:

This excerpt from the forum post:

"There are three ways to interact with MediaMonkey from an external program:
- Open the MediaMonkey.exe program with command line options (arguments).
- Using the same messages as in Winamp (WM_USER and WM_COMMAND). MM uses WinAmp plug-ins and thus it can emulate how WinAmp works (not 100%, but very close). The class name to communicate with is "Winamp v1.x".
- Using OLE Automation, which can be very easily used e.g. from VB Script.
VBScript: Dim SDB : Set SDB = CreateObject("SongsDB.SDBApplication")
C#: SongsDB.SDBApplicationClass SDB = new SongsDB.SDBApplicationClass();
Be sure to set SDB.ShutdownAfterDisconnect to False if you opened the MediaMonkey program by calling the SDB object, and you don't want it to be closed when your external program exits (or if you disconnect the SDB object = COM link). "

Now if only I knew vb script myself....