#1190 Error in creating database folder due to name of device

build 2.1 Beta 4
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Darth Vader

My mobile (Samsung U700) reports a device name that contains a column character ":", that is also used when creating the folder under C:\Documents and Settings\ that will contain the database of the phone. Since windows file system does not allow the ":" character in folder's name, creation of the folder fails and so floAt will not work properly, continuously reporting the following error and not letting use anything:

"Unable to write to C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Desktop\data\Manufacturer: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CORPORATION [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]\dat\Phone.dat."

The problem is also present in 2.0 stable version, with the difference that in 2.1 beta 4 floAt will not either connect to the mobile, while in 2.0 it connects but when using some function it reports error when trying to save something in the database (e.g. while retrieving messages from the phone, after some it will hang with the error and not continue retrieving them).

I think that a check on the reported device name should be inserted, removing windows forbidden chars (:, ;, /, etc...), or the user should be allowed to choose where to save the database, or the user set "Friendly name" for the device should be used instead of the reported one to create the folder.

Greetings and good work!


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