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  • frayja

    frayja - 2007-05-10


    As I am using emacs on a text console. Because of this I can not 'mouse over' the highlighted area to see what the message for that error or warning is. Is there another way to get this message?


    • Anonymous - 2007-12-15

      I had the same issue.  Add this on the line after the "(cond" in flymake-popup-menu, around line 116.
      You still bind flymake-display-err-menu-for-current-line to a key.  This will put the error into the echo area.

             ((not (display-popup-menus-p))  (message (mapconcat 'identity
                                                                 (cons (car xx)
                                                                       (mapcar 'car (cadr xx)))

      What might be interesting, but probably irritating, is if you leave the cursor on the error line, it will do this automatically.  So maybe it's best if it were a manual command.

    • Anonymous - 2007-12-15

      Oops, that xx, should have been menu-data, ie,

             ((not (display-popup-menus-p))  (message (mapconcat 'identity
                                                                 (cons (car menu-data)
                                                                       (mapcar 'car (cadr menu-data)))

    • Anonymous - 2007-12-15

      See also my experimental patch in the tracker.


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