#143 locked window


this patch adds:
* a "lock" menu item in the window menu that locks the window, preventing the user to move or resize it with by mouse or keycommands.
* a "locked" menu item in the remember menu that allow to remember the locked status of a class of apps.
* a ":Lock" keycommand that make the toggles the window between the locked and unlocked status.


  • Thomas Luebking

    Thomas Luebking - 2016-09-16

    I frankly don't understand the intention of the patch. It's not like i'd accidentally move (or resize) windows very often.

    What might make sense is an apps key to suppress configure requests (ie. clients resizing their windows programatically), but the propsed patch just looks prone to cause false positively "frozen" windows...?

  • Mathias Gumz

    Mathias Gumz - 2016-09-21

    maybe some kind of kiosk-mode? let users click but dont close or move the carefully crafted presentation ... ?

  • Thomas Luebking

    Thomas Luebking - 2016-09-21

    One would probably just not define any moveresize triggering entries in ./keys in this case, yesno?
    This patch however aims to lock certain windows only, so I wonder whether this is ("just") because particular ones misbehave.


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