Fluxbox 1.3.4 - bend physics back to reality

<p>New year, new release. Since the fluxbox-1.3.4 contained a few rather nasty
bugs (some have labeled it "unlucky release" :)), here is the 100% bug free
version you should use from now on. No more time holes, sorry folks.</p>


<li>Added 'LHalf' / 'RHalf' titlebar buttons</li>
<li>Added 'ClientPatternTest' command for testing clientpatterns via
<li>Added 'he_IL' translations</li>

<p>Critical Bugfixes in 1.3.4:</p>

<li>All timer based problems are fixed now</li>
<li>Fixed integer overflows for some gradient textures</li>
<li>Fixed compile issue on MacOS</li>

<p>Other Bugfixes:</p>

<li>Correct renderinger of 'sunken' textures</li>
<li>Move windows without the lagging-behind-effect on slower machines</li>
<li>Improved color brightening in textures</li>
<li>Memory and other code improvements in texture rendering code</li>
<li>Fix build-system issues</li>

<p>Happy fluxboxing!</p> link

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-02-10