The world did not end - let's release 1.3.3

<p>So, the world is still rotating around the sun and before our calendar hits
2013 we decided to release a new stable version of fluxbox. This is mostly
a bugfix release.</p>


<li>Added 'NearestCorner', 'NearestEdge' and 'NearestCornerOrEdge' resize methods</li>
<li>Added percentage values for commands such as ResizeWindow</li>
<li>Added style ressources 'menu.hilite.font', 'menu.hilite.justify'</li>
<li>Added 'OnTab' modifier for keys file</li>
<li>Added _MOTIF_WM_INFO atom to advertise motif capabilities</li>
<li>Added 'fullscreen', 'maximizedhorizontal', 'maximizedvertical' tests to client patterns</li>
<li>Added option to revert focus to previous window only on current head in a multi-monitor setup</li>
<li>Rewrite of FbTk::TextureRenderer (simpler code)</li>
<li>Improved building on Microsoft Windows</li>

<p>Critical Bugfixes:</p>

<li>Use of monotonic increasing clock for timer, not affected by leap seconds etc.</li>

<p>Other Bugfixes:</p>

<li>Fixed placement off transient windows in a multi-monitor setup with 'holes'</li>
<li>Fixed usage of '~' as part of style filenames</li>
<li>Replaced (deprecated) XKeycodeToKeysym() with XkbKeycodeToKeysym()</li>
<li>Improved vertical alignment of text in decorations</li>
<li>Fixed compiler and code style issues</li>
<li>Updated italian translations</li>

<p>Happy fluxboxing, great health, luck and everything else for 2013!</p> link

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-12-30