#281 Global shortcuts should fire on release (at least for modifiers)


For now if user wants to use special keys - such as SuperR or SuperL - separately, it is impossible to get adequate result. For example, I use both Windows and Linux with Fluxbox and want to get similar keyboard shortcuts under both systems. I even can use SuperL+E for file manager, SuperL+R for Run, SuperL+L for lock screen and SuperL separately for menu - however, I'm getting menu in addition to required result every time I use shortcut with SuperL. Look somehow annoying and not logical.


  • bercik-rrp

    bercik-rrp - 2011-06-12

    It's possible to use SuperR or SuperL separately - you must use xmodmap, for example:

    xmodmap -e "clear mod1" -e "clear mod3" -e "clear mod4"
    xmodmap -e "add mod1 = Alt_L" -e "add mod3 = Super_R" -e "add mod4 = Super_L"

    but X window/xmodmap supports only 8 modes keys (including capslock, shift, etc)

  • CyrilAS

    CyrilAS - 2011-06-22

    Hmm... Maybe I was not so clear as I should be. Again:

    1. I can use Super_R and Super_L separately - and I use it to open Fluxbox's main menu;
    2. I can use Super_R and Super_L in combination - and I use it the same way as in Windows;

    However, due to the bug or poor design in Fluxbox I'm getting Fluxbox's main menu opened every time I use Super keys in combination with other keys - for example:
    - I lock the screen with Super_R + L and see main menu on screen after unlocking;
    - I open file manager with Super_R + E and see main menu over file manager window;
    - and so on.

    This is wrong behavior and cannot be corrected now. I ask to correct this globally.

  • Thomas Luebking

    Thomas Luebking - 2016-07-19
    • summary: Special keys and keyboard shortcuts --> Global shortcuts should fire on release (at least for modifiers)
    • Group: --> future

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