#1107 Huge window size on Ardour 3's big clock window

future release

As reported on #fluxbox, I'm having a crash on Ardour 3 when opening/resizing a special window named "Big Clock", which acts weirdly when resized, and requests to X very big size (over 20000 pixel wide).
Attached the log of fluxbox with debug lines added to the git code of Window.cc, as requested.

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  • Mathias Gumz

    Mathias Gumz - 2015-01-24
    • Group: v1.3.5 --> future release
  • Mathias Gumz

    Mathias Gumz - 2016-01-09

    i tried to reproduce the bug with fluxbox-1.3.7 and ardour-4.4: the clock window behaved well. is this still an issue or can we close the ticket?

  • Mathias Gumz

    Mathias Gumz - 2016-01-09
    • status: open --> pending

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