#1047 Java TextAreaBug


I've noticed that sometimes Java windows with JTextArea are printed incorect. In attachment "1_CorrectView.png" there is a correct view and after scrooling text area screen by mouse wheel button screen changes into "2_BuggyView.png" (attachment). So text is unreadable. After changing fluxbox workspace to other and after that returning to previous workspace JTextArea is printed on screen correctly (like in "1_CorrectView.png"). But after typing few letters screen becames unreadable again.
I've only seen this happen when JTextArea has many lines, for example 2000 lines. When JTextArea is shorter than ~1500 lines problem do not exists. It doesn't happen with Gnome, KDE, Mac OS X, or Windows.

Fluxbox version: 1.3.2 - most recent in gentoo
[ebuild R ~] x11-wm/fluxbox-1.3.2 USE="bidi imlib nls slit toolbar truetype vim-syntax xinerama"

Other app versions:
Linux kernel 3.2.0
X.Org X Server 1.10.4-r1
java version "1.6.x" and "1.7.x"

To reproduce:
- Open a big JTextArea window with many lines.

Expected results:
- Text should be readable.

Actual results:
- Text is unreadable, blur.

While bug exists it's still possible to interact with the window using the keyboard and mouse.

Java application which I am using is not a free software so it is difficult to say how to reproduce bug. But I would like to help in other way if possible. I haven't noticed anything suspicious in logs.

Fluxbox is a great piece of software. I would like to thank You for your work.


  • Thomas Luebking

    Thomas Luebking - 2016-06-28

    Is this still a problem and can you provide some information (that I'll ask for ;-)
    It's unlikely a fluxbox bug (the application paints itself, the WM has no word in this), but Java probably doesn't like several things (root properties or particular re-embedding conditions) which one would have to check (notably since it's a proprietary client)


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