Element Green

FluidSynth 1.0.9 - "A Sound Future"

Changes from previous version 1.0.8

Features and improvements

  • New PulseAudio? driver (Josh Green)
  • New Jack MIDI driver (Josh Green)
  • New CoreMIDI driver (Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
  • Portaudio driver re-written for Portaudio 19 (Josh Green)
  • Support for OS/2 including Dart audio driver (KO Myung-Hun)
  • RPN GM MIDI messages now handled for Bend Range, Fine Tune and Coarse Tune (Josh Green)
  • MIDI channel pressure now handled (Bernat Arlandis i Mañó)
  • MIDI Program/Bank instrument fallback selection logic (Josh Green and thanks also to Jimmy)
  • Added midi.portname setting to ALSA sequencer, -p command line switch (Nicolas Boulicault)
  • Added midi.winmidi.device setting to winmidi driver (Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
  • Updated Max/MSP [FluidSynth] binding (Norbert Schnell)

Synthesis Changes

  • Volume attenuation [SoundFont] generator now behaves more like EMU10K1 (S. Christian Collins)
  • Stop forcing velocity based filtering (S. Christian Collins)
  • Fixes to linear/bipolar/positive and convex/bipolar/positive modulator functions (S. Christian Collins)
  • Added fix to properly search for percussion instrument (Josh Green)
  • Force velocity envelope value to be that of the previous stage when switching from decay to sustain (S. Christian Collins)
  • Filter calculation now uses synthesizer sample rate rather than fixed at 44100 (S. Christian Collins)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Jack driver in "audio.jack.multi=yes" mode and Jack audio driver cleanup (Bernat Arlandis i Mañó and Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
  • Wrong tempo changes (ticket #22 - Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
  • Crash bug fix related to using certain modulators in a preset (S. Christian Collins)
  • Fix to non-option command line argument processing when not using readline (Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
  • dsound device can't be selected (Ticket #16 - Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
  • Minor build fixes (Josh Green)
  • Fixed compilation under MSVC 2008 and older (Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)

Misc. stuff

  • Updated README-OSX build instructions (Ebrahim Mayat)
  • [FluidSynth] fink package accepted for Mac OS X (Ebrahim Mayat)
  • Minor fixes to [FluidSynth] man page (Sven Hoexter)


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Wiki: SoundFont

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