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New Release: FluidEarth 2.0

The only difference between this and the last release candidate (RC1) is change of the location of the OpenMI v2 schema.

  • So now in OMI files use xmlns="http://www.openmi.org/v2_0" else validation will fail
Posted by Adrian Harper 2013-01-04

New Release: FluidEarth 2.0 RC1

New Release: FluidEarth 2.0 RC1

FluidEarth 2.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

  • The only currently known issue stoping 2.0 RC1 going to 2.0 is updating by OpenMI of the OMI file XSD schema location used in XML validation.
Posted by Adrian Harper 2012-12-18

Beta 10 Available

For download from the FluidEarth download page sourceforge.


== Pipistrelle_2.0_x86_Beta10.zip
* A windows installer for FluidEarth 'Pipistrelle' editor.

== PipExt_SpatialView_2.0_x86_Beta10.zip
A windows installer for a FluidEarth Spatial Viewer
Works just as a Pipistrelle Extension.

== PipExt_FluidEarthUnitTests_2.0_x86_Beta10.zip
A windows installer for FluidEarth Unit Tests
Works both as a Pipistrelle Extension and a stand alone application.... read more

Posted by Adrian Harper 2012-11-06

Beta 1 MSI available for download

Posted by Adrian Harper 2011-11-26

New Project

This project has been set up to manage the Fluid Earth open source development programs. These developments are currently for the OpenMI SDK and Pipistreller, both compliant to version 2.0 of the OpenMI standard.

Planned initial release is for Easter 2011 and alpha source builds should become available from January 2011.

For information on this project progress refer to wiki http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki... read more

Posted by Adrian Harper 2010-11-26