Purpose of Project?

Mike Gray
  • Mike Gray

    Mike Gray - 2012-06-04

    Feel free to post your own ideas on what our goal/purpose is here.

    I will write down what I think the project should be, but feel free to share you own ideas. My ideas change constantly, so I will probably add to this list later.

    • First, I think that FluiDE should be a product of a larger project which analyzes human and computer interaction. FluiDE would just be a environment that follows our rules.

    • If there were a larger project, as mentioned above, the ideas we come up with will be submitted to other free software projects regardless if they go into FluiDE or not.

    • In the long run, FluiDE should become a competent alternative to Gnome or KDE, while still trying to aid other projects.

    I guess to sum it up I see the overall goal as trying to revolutionize computer interaction. FluiDE will lead by example, promoting better computer interfaces.

    Maybe the goals I set down are a bit high, but that is all the more reason to work hard, right?

    • novomente

      novomente - 2012-06-09

      OK. So here it is my first post on SourceForge FluiDE. I agree with everything you said, Mike. And I also think that it is the good time to move from gnome-look to SourceForge.

      I tried to spread one of my idea to the world in order to attract some developers. But it seems the effect is not good enough. So I'll try more. I have no new ideas, because I prepare for yearly final exams at university. What doesn't mean I won't have no idea at all.

      Still I'm learning JAVA language, so my development skills won't be much helpful yet. But it is a question of time till I learn C or C++.


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