Some progress... Finally!

While it probably seems lately like fluide is all but dead, I have been working quietly on a interactive prototype. It doesn't do much yet, but right now it's a playground to try out ideas. I used HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to make it. I'm thinking about making the actual fluide in the same way. A HTML-powered OS has many advantages besides being easy to code. For example, it would be possible to control a computer remotely from a web browser, or run the fluide interface on top of an android as an app. It could also work like eyeOS, as a online operating system. By the way, so far I've only spent about 4 hours on the mockup, so developing in HTML5 could take months, not years.

The mockup isn't supposed necessarily be the way things actually will be. It it simply proves what can be done with HTML. I recommend using Chrome or Firefox, but the appearance and functionality are not the same even between the two. Disclaimer: the code quality is almost as bad as the appearance of the web page. It was a quick job, and it wasn't even really intended for anyone to see at first ;)

You can download it from this sourceforge project page. There are some fun things you can do with the search function, so look in the html file to see what those things are! The sidebar is auto-hidden on the right, so it works best in full-screen.

Anyway, now that we have a way to try out ideas for real, start coming up with those ideas, everyone :)

Posted by Mike Gray 2012-09-11 Labels: prototype mockup html javascript css html5