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FlowFlowMania development slow down ?

Hi all !

Just a little news to inform you that FlowFlowMania is slowing down a little due to the fact that I'm hospitalized since May 02 2007 for a leukemia at Paris. I think I'm going to have a lot of time during next weeks to continue FlowFlowMania, but the poor network of the hospital does not allow me to use FlowFlowMania SVN ... So don't be affraid by the SVN inactivity. The things will go better when I'll be back home ;o)

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2007-05-19

version 0.6 released

The version 0.6 has just been released :
- new skins mechanism enhancement
- new type of piece : the logical checkpoints !
- new test levels

and as always some bug fix ...

Note : I'm looking for graphic designers to build new skins for FlowFlowMania, and ideas for new pieces and levels !

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2007-04-07

version 0.5 released

Some new features in the version 0.5 :

- background tiles
- new sample levels
- new type of pieces : mandatory checkpoints

and some bug fix ...

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2007-04-01

version 0.4 released

The version 0.4 of FlowFlowMania has just been released :

- better font display
- background added
- major bug fix : segfault fixed when two simultaneous streams create a stream-leak - better packaging
- new precompiled 640x480 i386 version
- new packaging and better generation process

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2007-03-29

version 0.3 released

The version 0.3 of FlowFlowMania has just been released with the following features or bug fix :

- the GP2X 'B' and 'X' button are now associated with the "put piece" action
- the 'w' keyboard key is now allowing to start the inflows stream before the countdown's end
- the 'A' GP2X button do so
- a level file parser has been implemented and a sample file is featured, with three levels
- the "Game Over" and "Level OK" messages are now more visible
- the "Game Over"/"Level OK" bug has been fixed (now you cannot move the cursor anymore between two levels)

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2007-03-26

version 0.2 released

The version 0.2 of FlowFlowMania has been released for GP2X devices and GNU/Linux x86. The x86 version displays 320x240 graphisms but a 640x480 version car be built.

At the moment, only two levels are playable, but after gameplay and engine validation I'll put as many levels as possible in the distrbution.

Enjoy it and please post bug reports if you found some !

Posted by Bobsky (JL TRESSET) 2007-03-25