Extensive changes to the FBP diagramming tool, with (I believe) much improved human factors. You can test it by clicking on http://www.jpaulmorrison.com/graphicsstuff/DrawFBP.jnlp . As before, multi-level diagrams can be built, and DrawFBP can also generate JavaFBP networks, provided components are identified, port names are filled in, and parametrization information is provided. In the latter case, the current version can also indicate whether ports are connected correctly, and whether data packet types are consistent across the connections between generators and consumers. DrawFBP now has a powerful "excise" feature that allows a part of a diagram to be excised and turned into a separate subnet. DrawFBP now supports dragging the head or tail of an arrow, plus adding or moving bends in an arrow. Connectivity between arrows and diagram blocks is maintained.

The source code is now on SourceForge SVN.

Comments, feedback, questions, etc. will be very welcome.

Posted by J. Paul Morrison 2011-09-20

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