• Guus Bonnema

    Guus Bonnema - 2013-11-09

    Hi Paul,

    Above test currently aborts. The reason is, that the component defines 3 output ports in OUT, while the testprogram only uses 2. In comments you show the option: optional, which would resolve the problem.

    Just to be sure, I would like to know whether you wanted the test to work for only optional and abort for non-optional?

    I could translate this to the following test cases:

    1. a fixed array with exactly the amount of ports specified in the component: should run without error.
    2. a fixed array with 1 port less and non-optional: should abort.
    3. a fixed array with 1 port less and optional: should run without error
    4. a fixed array with 0 ports and optional: should it run, or should it abort?

    Regards, Guus.

  • J. Paul Morrison

    Good question - #4 should run maybe - what do you think?

    I know another bad habit of mine is to use the same network for multiple tests, just changing a component name or changing the connectivity... You're right they should all be different tests - and I guess with junit you can say whether you expect a crash or a run... right?

    Thanks as always

  • Guus Bonnema

    Guus Bonnema - 2013-11-10

    ok, thanks. Yes, junit allows to specify correctness as being a crash, and no crash to be a fail.

    Ok, will check whether it works with 0 ports.

    Regards, Guus.


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