Amanda Ge - 2002-06-10

I figured we need dynamic reconfiguration of networks if the number of instances of a component is only known at run-time. For example, to implement observer pattern, a component that changed state will send packets to all interested listeners. Since the listeners come and go at runtime, they usually are maintained in a HashMap or a Vector in Java. Currently in JFBP, you can only declare an array of OutputPorts in a Component class, which can't dynamically grow.

Paul addressed in general, "if you need dynamic reconfiguration of networks after they have started, we'll probably need to be able to temporarily drain Connections, and then open them up later.  If this is the case, what would we base the decisions on - I would assume things like congestion, or other performance measures."

I don't have concrete need for that yet. The listeners problem is a special case I think, may not need to manipulate Connections. I'd expect a simple treatment to achieve the equivalent Java implementation of a couple of method calls. Since I haven't seen any examples on this, please advise. If in general FBP doesn't code that way, it's worth listed as an example, save OO people from pondering.