Florence 0.5.2 released

Florence is an extensible scalable virtual keyboard for GNOME. You need it if you can't use a real hardware keyboard, for example because you are disabled, your keyboard is broken or because you use a tablet PC, but you must be able to use a pointing device (as a mouse, a trackball, or a touchscreen); If you can't use a pointing device, there is gok, which can be used with just simple switches.

This release introduces the touch screen input method.
There has been some improvements to the ramble input method.
Modifier (Alt, Shift, Ctrl, etc...) keys + click now works.
Florence strings has been partially translated in Italian by the Ardesia team:
Some other minor improvements have been added and a lot of bugs have been fixed.


2012-02-08 Fran��ois Agrech <f.agrech@gmail.com>
* Version 0.5.2
* A lot of bug fixes.
* Ramble mode improvements.
* Add libpanelapplet-4 support.
* Add italian partial translation.
* Fix xrecord for hardware keyboard feedback.
* Enable xrecord by default.
* New trace level: hidebug.
* Modifier(Alt/Ctrl/Shift...)+click now works.
* Added touch input method.

Posted by Francois Agrech 2012-02-10

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