Single time action of AltGR and Shift keys

  • Piotr Mackowiak

    Piotr Mackowiak - 2011-12-14

    How can I setup for single time action of AltGr and Shift keys. That is I want to block possibility that after double clicking on AltGr or Shift key, it stay as "depress forever".

  • Francois Agrech

    Francois Agrech - 2011-12-15

    If I understood correctly, you want the modifier keys to never be locked, right?
    Unfortunately, this is not supported in the current version. This requires code modification.
    I will provide a patch ASAP.

    • Nicolas Krzywinski

      Correct, the normal modifier keys should not lock. I always have to press them twice. For having a locked modifier, there is caps lock.


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