Svn Log

Commit Date  
[r77] by rbd

bug fix

2014-02-22 15:38:04 Tree
[r76] by rbd

added missing file

2014-02-22 15:15:30 Tree
[r75] by rbd

fix for windows layout

2014-02-22 10:24:56 Tree
[r74] by rbd
2014-02-22 10:19:14 Tree
[r73] by rbd

changed/added scores

2014-02-22 10:18:40 Tree
[r72] by rbd

missing file

2014-02-22 06:24:19 Tree
[r71] by tneuendorffer

removed debugging statement

2014-02-21 05:28:47 Tree
[r70] by tneuendorffer

Posting of scores to server now implemented

2014-02-21 05:15:48 Tree
[r69] by rbd

fixed some timeout code, added 2nd voice to riff, removed some debug printing

2014-02-20 04:17:59 Tree
[r68] by rbd

riff mode fixes on windows side

2014-02-20 02:02:28 Tree
[r67] by rbd

fixed some riff bugs

2014-02-20 02:01:10 Tree
[r66] by rbd

Changes in synth for reverb on windows and GNO-installer.iss for windows

2014-02-19 23:15:42 Tree
[r65] by rbd

riff mode ready for two-machine test

2014-02-19 23:11:00 Tree
[r64] by tneuendorffer

Added code to submit scores

2014-02-18 14:18:46 Tree
[r63] by tneuendorffer

Scoredisp is now calculating and displaying the user score/Max score

2014-02-16 20:21:02 Tree
[r62] by tneuendorffer

Added info area at top and commands to set the user score and volume

2014-02-16 15:02:53 Tree
[r61] by rbd

bug preventing starting scores

2014-02-15 15:10:08 Tree
[r60] by rbd

added some debugging stuff

2014-02-15 14:51:00 Tree
[r59] by rbd

added reverb, practice mode, key mapping, set user number

2014-02-15 13:55:37 Tree
[r58] by rbd

This is version 243-56

2014-02-10 04:55:12 Tree
[r57] by rbd

forgot to uncomment the image stuff

2014-02-10 04:48:31 Tree
[r56] by rbd

making new release

2014-02-10 04:16:47 Tree
[r55] by rbd

minor changes

2014-02-10 02:24:06 Tree
[r54] by rbd

fix to remove images until dylib problem fixed in serpent

2014-02-09 20:37:47 Tree
[r53] by rbd

added missing files

2014-02-09 18:20:19 Tree
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