No Dems were found on the DEMS folder

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am having trouble installing DEMS.
    The steps I follow are:
    1-Delete all FlightTrak (app, prefs, cache)
    2-Install from scrach in apps folder. (copy only app file)
    3-Open a waypontsFile,
    4-Downloaded maps (works great)
    5-Go to the DEMS web page and generate the files
    5a-Inputs (North=28, South=25, west=-101, east=-99) freeFormND, Int16, Unix/Mac, Ind files, ftp, file and title LampazosDEM (no point).
    5b-I get 3 links, I Download (x.bin,x.hdr) with safari using download linked file,
    5c-I rename the LampazosDEM.hdr.txt to LampazosDEM.hdr, 5d-Copy them to the user/Library/Application Support/FlightTrack/DEMs,
    (I know is the correct because the maps i downloaded are on the /Maps folder),
    6-Quit, reopen with the wayponts, use menu show DEMs and get the error.
    No Dems were found on the DEMS folder

    • Gautier Taravella

      It seems that you have followed the correct procedure. Are there any messages displayed in the console when you launch FlightTrack ?

      You launch the Console in Application/Utilities.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      At app launch i get
      OpenGL error 0x501
      but no log opening the wayponts file (they display fine)
      and no log openning the DEMS, Menu
      just the error sbout no DEMS in the directory

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've been going wonkers over this too.

      I've successfully downloaded the *.bin *.hdr New York files and put them in the appropriate Library/Application Support/Flight Track/Dems folder, but when I go back in to FT, it says that no DEMs were located in that folder.

      I have the latest version of FT as I downloaded it on May 30th, 2006.  Any help would be appreciated.  Can't wait to see my paragliding session.

      • Gautier Taravella

        As I've asked the other person, could you send me any text that could be written in the console ?

        Also, could you mail me the .hdr file.

        Finally, are you sure you put the files int the folder Applications support folder of your home folder, not the one on the computer? The correct one is: /Users/YourShortUserName/Application Support/FlightTrack/DEMs, not /Library/Application Support/FlightTrack/DEMs. It's simple, this folder is created automatically when you launch FT, so you shouldn't have to create it yourself.


    • Shannon

      Shannon - 2006-06-01

      Thanks Gautier,

      I just sent you the requested info.

      Thanks for your help.

    • Shannon

      Shannon - 2006-06-02

      I just got a nice reply from Gautier and I believe that his edumaction for this newbie may be helpful to new Mac users.

      Just as the instructions stated, I downloaded the appropriate files and placed them in the appropriate folder.  At download, I noticed that the mydata.hdr file had an added extension of .txt.  So it looked liked this - mydata.hdr.txt - I renamed the file to get rid of the .txt but didn't realize that I had to do this in Get Info.  Otherwise the .txt extension is still there, it's just hidden.

      Once I removed the .txt extension from the offending file by using Get Info, FT immediately recognized the DEM files and all is Golden!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Unfortunately the same here with FlightTrack 0.0.18.

      Of course I have changed the mydata.hdr.txt file name to mydata.hdr and followed the procedure described at

      However I still get the same message :
      "No DEM files were found in the DEMs folder of your home directory: Bibliothèque/Application Support/FlightTrack/DEMs/"



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