Problems with MLR, please help!

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    I have problems downloading from MLR SP 24 XC VL. FT mostly receives no data from MLR, few minutes after pressing the download-button I get the error code "MLR sentence not recognised: [8b]M[f][fe]x[80][f8][f8][80]x[0][80]x[0][80][80][f8][0][f8][0]x[80][0][f8][f8]x[f8][f8][0][f8][0]x[80][80][80][0][80]x[80][0][f8][f8]x[f8][f8][0][f8][0]x[80]". I tried it maybe 30 times, only two times it began to download but stopped after about 130 trackpoints with error code "MLR sentence wrong termination". What I also realised is that when FT begins to download the MLR display switched from "NMEA 183 2.0" to "Trace Rapid" in the data output field!
    I think all settings in FT (mlr, usbserial, 38400/19200) and MLR (input: nmea, output: nmea 183 2.0, output: actice) are right.
    My system: Ibook G4 with OS X 10.4

    With a Garmin GPS from my friend I have absolutely no problems downloading with FT with same usb/serial adapter. Also the MLR works well with MaxPunkte on my old Windows PC.

    Anyone who can help me???

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Good news, it works! It was the adapter! Today I bought a Keyspan and all problems were gone...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i have the same pb with a prolific e-kon serial adapter

      thinking of buying a keyspan adaptor

      gilles ( toulouse)

      heu gautier , i guess you live here too

      je peux te preter un mlr pour essai si ca t'interesse


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