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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    What's the status of Flight Track at the moment? Coming up on a year since the last release!

    • Gautier Taravella

      Well, development is not stopped, it is just slow. Development takes a lot of time so when you don't have much time to spend on it, release are  not frequent. I'm spending lots of time finishing the evolution of the terrain rendering and usability of FlightTrack, noticeably automatic download of DEM and satellite maps.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Are you planning to release a universal version of FlightTrack? Intel based macs are becoming more and more popular...
      Once again for this great piece of software!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      How about an update on the status of this wonderful project?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Gautier!

      Congratulations on this awesome program. I hope you keep up developing it. Being an ULM pilot, I find it particularly useful for analysing my flights. However, I have been unable to see them in full 3D with the 3D rendered terrain. When I slide the altitude scale cursor to the right, the rendering becomes filled with spikes which prevent from seeing the flight track...
      It would be wonderful to have that problem corrected.

      Best Wishes

      Paulo Macedo

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It looks like this fantastic project has dead ended.

      • Antoine Hue

        Antoine Hue - 2008-04-03


        You may now try Le Petit Poucet which is also open source, has a better 3D engine, better imagery download including elevation models and is cross-platform (Mac, Linux and Windows).

        Everybody wanting to test or participate to the development is welcome.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Gautier,
      I'm wondering about the future of flight track.
      You made a fantastic job with the developpement of this software.
      I'm dreaming of a software mixed with GeoPS.
      Is the developement dead or just on the way to go on ?
      Please just answer !

      • Gautier Taravella

        As I told before, development is not dead. Its just really slow because I made lots of modifications that I need to polish a little before release, and I ccan't find time to spend on the project. After this release, I'll try to make things more easy for otherz to participate so the projects could possibly be more active.

        Concerning GeoPS, you could ask its author about that because it is not open source.


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