3D view idea: key modifiers

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Wow, what a great update!  Thanks for make this fine program.

    With the flying season starting here in the US, its great timing too.

    My idea, for the next release

    I'd like to be able to change the 3d view more easily, which would be especially nice in full-screen mode.

    As I understand it, your view modes now:

    button 1: rotation icon
    button 2: pan icon
    button 3: up-down icon
    button 4: magnifying glass

    How about:

    unmodified keypress: rotate view about look-at point as (1 above) but also display look-at point orientation axes like the other modes do now.

    apple-keypress: pan eyepoint (2 above)

    option-keypress: move eyepoint up-down (3 above)

    ctrl-keypress: magnify (4) above

    • Gautier Taravella

      You can use since version I don't know the following keys:

      r: rotate
      v: vertical translate
      t: x/y translate
      z: zoom

      You can also use buttons and wheel of a 3 buttons mouse

      Sorry for the lack of documentation.

    • Adrien

      Adrien - 2005-04-28

      Is there a key for the initial (top) view ?


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