G security record?

  • Stewart Midwinter

    hi - is there any plan to support the use of the G Security record in .igc files?  this would allow Flighttrack to be used in the world online contest ( http://onlinecontest.org ).    Implementation of that record would also then require provision of a validation program, called vali.exe in the PC world.

    Stewart Midwinter
    OLC Canada admin

    • Stewart Midwinter

      Oops, just got bit by this. I used FlightTrack to view an .igc file with G Security record at the end, then saved it. When I submitted it to OLC, it was rejected. Then I took a look and sure enough, FlightTrack chopped that off.

      Anyway, just to let you know that would still be appreciated by any foot-launched pilots.


      • Gautier Taravella

        My understanding of the G security records in IGC files is that they are created by the logger device. They allow a validation program to check that the file has not been altered after download to a computer. FT can't create these records since it is not a logger device.

        The only device supported by FT that allows downloading the track as an IGC file with G records is the IQ Compeo. This feature has still to be added in FT.

        When you save with FT a file that was not created using FT, some information might disappear. In fact, all the features that are not supported will. This includes G-records. That's why there is a warning when you try to do this. I might make it cleared and ask for a new name (forcing to save as a copy).



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