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PB and OSX 10.4

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello dear developer(s),

    i have some questions about "FlightTrack" V0.0.17

    i start "flighttrack" on my Powerbook (OSX 10.4) with  is connected with that yellow simple eTrex Garmin via a RS232-USB converter. On the "Track Download" panel is only the "Tracks" checkbox checked and grayed. "Waypoints" and "Routes" are not available to select. Why is it not selectable?  The settings are: GPS type=Garmin; Serial Port= usbserial0; Speed=9600) So - i had started the download. The xfer starts and the data flows. After xfer i see many tracks. I'm amazed about the 3D capability of the coloured tracks. Then i want to calibrate a scanned tif file.
    Something is confusing while entering the Lat/Long. fields.
    After entering three reference points i use this map. Then i see a very stretched map, thin as a line.
    Are there any hidden bugs? Is it inexperience to use this pretty nice tool?
    It would very nice to use this program to document a hiking or vfr tour.
    By the way, "FlightTrack" is really more than a 0.0.17 Level ;-)

    Best regard,
    Klaus from Stuttgart

    • Gautier Taravella

      Waypoint and Routes transfer is not supported for the moment, that why you can't select them.

      Concerning the map, make sure you follow the instructions for calibration found at:

      Before using the map, you can check by moving around your cursor in the calibration window that the calibration is ok.

      Hope it helps,


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello Gautier,
      thank you for your fast response and help!
      I'm going to follow that link.

      Best regards :-)

      Klaus from Stuttgart


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