e. You already read the wiki and the official docs and you think it's not sufficient to build a plane, and you need additional sources


-Frederic Bouvier

Ron Jensen <wino@jentronics.com> a écrit :

On Monday 05 September 2011 08:20:29 Ron Jensen wrote:
> On Monday 05 September 2011 06:05:28 kunai090@yahoo.co.jp wrote:

> > 2. Could you tell me websites which were written how to make the
> > FlightGear models without wiki and official site ?

>  José answered your second question with another, very valid, question.
> What is wrong with using the wiki and other official site documentation?

Just to help you understand why we ask this question we have a few theories on
why you asked for non-official sources:

a. You want to develop payware and want non-official sources trying to avoid
GPL Liability.

b. You think secondary sources would be more accurate and technically complete
than the official documentation.

c. Your are looking for obscure sources in an attempt to cheat in some kind of
school report work.

d. We are totally misunderstanding what you are trying to ask. Sometimes too
broad a question is too hard to answer correctly.


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