Actually I think it might be a problem with kr-87.cxx , but I havent quite sorted that out yet ... as far as the ADF needle goes .

Even with power , it doesnt appear to come alive until you toggle the ADF button on the radio .

I dont see the nasal errors your reporting .
I'll keep digging .

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 2:22 PM, bitwPolly <> wrote:
This, as far as I can tell, is the cause of the problems with Bravo's ADF
  In Aircraft/Instruments-3d/primus-1000/P100.nas line 323: maghdg
-=getprop("environment/magnetic-variation-deg"); maghdg can return 'nil'
at startup so
the following addition fixes a thrown error: if (maghdg == nil ) maghdg=0;
 Also, a nasal error is reported at startup from the following line 363:
me.NavTime.setValue(ttg); where ttg has apparently been formatted some
lines earlier.
I'm not sure what problem nasal has with the resulting format but
commenting out line 363 stops that error being flagged.
 The result of either of the two errors is to stop the ADF/NAV needles
being updated, _only_ after the 'NAV' panel button has been clicked. ( On
startup the needles
work fine but freeze once that panel button is clicked).
  The nasal error messages would be a lot easier to spot if the console
messages relating to multiplayer status and more particularly so many AI
models being missing could be suppressed.  Thanks, (blucher)


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