I already took a look into several times, but if I would able to use the Bravo-flightdirector as an example I wouldn't have said this. Syd's flightdirector seems to dependant on other things ( not always other simlated systems) so I wasn't able yet to use this.

I guess a short explanation of the flight director nasal code is this:
It is more or less an autopilot controller , to manage modes like armed , then capture points, and handle pilot button
The autopilot in passive mode IS acting as a flight director , since it goes through the motions , but doesn't output
the results to the control surfaces .Those outputs can be used to animate V-bars. That nasal code probably could use a serious cleaning up , its been a learn as i go project ...
Its also adapted from Curt's original flight director code , which I probably trashed trying to be helpful :)

and Merry Christmas