Loosing this permanence of random object placement would be a bummer for anyone who is driving multiple displays from multiple computers.  That's maybe a small segment of our user base, but it's these higher end "professional" users that often have budgets they are working with.



On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 1:41 PM, Stuart Buchanan wrote:
Erik Hofman wrote:

> Stuart Buchanan wrote:
> > It's been a long time since I (re-)wrote the random object code for OSG, but
> my
> > recollection is that we use the same random number seed when generating
> > random model placements, to ensure that a building is in the same place on
> > every computer.
> Looks like that part is gone, at least the part where every random
> object in the scenery was in the same place every time you start up
> FlightGear. This used to be working at some point (and could be used for
> landmark navigation).

Hmmm, I've had a quick look at the code in question (simgear/scene/tgdb/odj.cxx
computeRandomObjects), and it doesn't look like it has changed since I wrote it, so
I'm surprised it no-longer works.

Unfortunately I can't test this at present as my graphics card is kaput. That isn't going
to be resolved for a couple of weeks, so if someone wants to take a look, they are

Sorry I can't be of more help, or maintain my own code in a timely manner at present.


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