On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 10:44 AM, dave perry wrote:
For any Fedora users, I recommend preupgrade to FC12.  All the fgfs
sounds work and are crystal clear, no crackle!  This includes ATC, ATIS,
vor and loc ident, marker beacons, cockpit sounds (switch clicks, flaps,

Ok, I'm definitely going to have to try upgrading here ...
I encountered several potential gotchas:

1. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, before you begin, print the info
from the following link: http://linuxsoftwareblog.com/blog/?p=232

2. Clean up /boot before you start preupgrade.  Delete all but the most
recent kernel files.  If you do this, a 200 MB /boot is big enough.

3. Do a "sudo yum upgrade" before running preupgrade.

4.  Be ready with a fedora DVD for a rescue.  After preupgrade
completes, and the system is rebooted, you may need to edit /etc/inittab
to boot into run level 3.

If you boot up and the X11 graphics fail to start (because of some degenerate combination of left over nvidia drivers and libs that didn't play well with the default X11 stuff from the upgrade.)  You should be able to hit "Alt-F2" to get a text login prompt.

I have always installed the nvida drivers using the ".sh" file downloaded directly from the nvidia site, so at this point you can just login as root and "sh NVIDIA.....sh" to install/freshen the drivers.  Then you can run init 3 to kill X11 followed by init 5 to startup again.  You shouldn't need the install dvd to do this.  Also at the boot prompt you should be able to add the "single" option to boot up in "single user mode" with no graphics.  There is also "emergency" mode which boots up with the root partition mounted read only ... but a good admin can quickly remount it rewrite. :-)  (something like "mount -o rw, remount /" but it's been a while.)

5.  The info from the link in  #1  should allow you to get nvidia driver
support.  I use the driver from www.nvidia.com, so only the first item
was required to allow the nouveau module to release control so the
install could proceed.

Hope this helps others.  Thanks Erik for staying on this!

Dave P.

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