Over on the flightgear forums we are organizing a t-shirt give away contest.  We are doing this on the forums because we have the ability to create polls and let people vote there.


The way this works is we took nominations for names of notable recent contributors to the project.  We ended up with about 50 names in 5 minutes and then discovered that our poll software has a maximum of 10 options.  So what you will see is 10 deserving names, but only 10 of the 100's or 1000's that could be on the list.  Fear not!  I hope to make this a monthly event, and I hope that everyone keeps in mind that the whole purpose of this is to have fun and not get too bogged down with some of the details that we could get bogged down in.

Torsten's wife designed the t-shirt graphics (with some valuable input from Torsten and I.)  You can see the design here:


To help you see some of the finer points of the design: we have a simple paper airplane that flies in, does a loop, and then is trailing off in a classic phugoid manuever ... (you can just feel the geeky multi-level intelligence oozing from this design!)  The flight path is actually source code from the project (we have to distribute the source code right?) :-)  All of this is set against the words "TEAM FLIGHTGEAR" in big bold letters.  It is SO cool!!!

If you want to order something yourself, feel free.  I would like to point out that I've set the price on all these items to be the minimum possible that cafe press allows.  This means that you are seeing the base price of these items and all that money goes to cafe press to produce and ship the item ... there is no extra markup that comes back to anyone else at the end of the month.  My goal is simply to make these items as accessible as I can.  There are probably cheaper ways to do t-shirts, but cafe press doesn't require me to print up 100 in advance and ship them myself, and their quality is pretty good; don't expect these to fade out on the first wash; they should last for a good while.

So please head over to the FlightGear forums and vote for your favorite developer.  It's wide open still ... only two votes separate 1st and last place right now!


Curtis Olson: http://baron.flightgear.org/~curt/