On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 9:38 AM, S Andreason wrote:
Curtis Olson wrote:
> Has anyone developed a more detailed model of a sky diver?  I'm
> especially interested in the free fall phase.  (My brother is up to
> his 38th jump now I think.)
I most certainly have!
Have you looked at bluebird or my other shuttlecraft?? (which for the
moment are more up to date)

The free fall stage is carefully modeled with physics and formulas in mind.

To see drag constant for spread eagle, and time to reach terminal
velocity, etc. etc.
Look at Nasal/walk.nas and search for "eagle"


Hey, that's pretty neat (the bluebird is part of CVS if anyone else wants to play.)  Question, is there a way to turn the walker?  I found forward/back and left/right but he always faces the same direction.


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