The way this was explained to me is that JSBSim only performs the wow test when it is within 200' of the ground.  Unfortunately, this means that if you start in the air higher than that, the gear variables can be left in an unsettled state because the test that sets the variables never gets run.



On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 11:57 AM, John Denker wrote:
I have a pretty-much workable workaround for the worst
of these bugs.

The big clue is that "presets-commit" apparently just
deletes the old FDM instance and creates another.

To make the new FDM happy, I had to delete a bunch
of nodes from the property tree.  Some other nodes
needed to be set to -9999;  merely deleting them
was not good enough.

This allows me to relocate-in-air once without getting
flipped upside down (or worse).

There is still some opportunity for improvement in
connection with presets-commit and with FDM init
in general.

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